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Some people only have to see a rug to know and to feel: “This is my rug.” That’s what Geba rugs actually want to do: conquer hearts.


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Let us Advise You


The ambience of a room, the lighting, the furniture – all this influences the effect a rug has in a room. Come for a consultation at our gallery in Graz or experience the effect of a Geba rug at a consultation in the comfort of your own home.





Interior Design

Carpet Design for Commercial Properties


Perfectly coordinated and specially designed rugs and carpets, for example, for offices, hotels and luxurious reception rooms. In the commercial sector, Geba works together closely with interior designers, architects and brand managers to create rugs with a design, colour and size that are a perfect fit for your rooms and which let you communicate your brand identity on the ground



Award-Winning Carpet Design

Our designs Kasar Blue and Bidjar have been nominated as finalists for the renowned Carpet Design Awards 2013 and 2014.





Fair Trade

A Carpet Brings Responsibility


Each and every rug comes with a responsibility: For both the sheep farmers in Tibet and the carpet weavers in Nepal, who make our rugs by hand, as well as for the environment, which needs to be protected during the production process. For this reason, all Geba carpets are Fair Trade certified with a STEP label.




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Development through collaboration


We are partners of multiple networks in the field of design and production. For we believe, that only through collaboration new things arise. 





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