To me, rugs are textile artwork. They combine design with traditional craftsmanship and always suceed in bringing people and interiors together.

Geba Rugs

Design Meets Tradition – Since 1987


Since opening its doors in the historic centre of Graz in 1987, Geba Rugs has been a shining star on the international carpet design scene. From the very outset, there has been a clear vision: Inspired by modern art and architecture, Harald Geba decided to rethink the rug. Since then, Geba’s rugs have combined timeless, modern design with traditional craftsmanship.

Rugs for all the Senses

Our Philosophy


When we get to know a new rug, we first of all do it with our eyes. We see the pattern and colours and in this way we make contact. But a rug quickly captivates all our senses – we walk over it in our bare feet, stroke it with our hand, trace the patterns with our fingers. We conquer it as a playground on which we can sit, lie, listen to music, chat, meditate and read. For a rug is always more than a picture in textile – it changes the way rooms are perceived and used.


This is precisely what Geba sets out to do. We want to bring you down to earth by combining tradition and design.

The Design

Timeless, contemporary, innovative


Geba stands for rug designs that are above all open to new ideas. We take our inspiration from traditional patterns and contemporary painting alike. Or it is the images that burn themselves into our memory like photos – as we wander through landscapes that have been shaped by nature, mankind and coincidence.


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The Quality

Craftsmanship to be Proud of


The wool, the processing, the knot count, the colours – but also an understanding of what customers want, an ability to respond to their individual requirements, collaboration with architects and interior designers: These are all criteria that can be objectively measured and with which Geba sets the highest standards.

The Soul

What Lies Behind a Rug 


Every rug has a soul and we are delighted every time we meet someone who has the talent to recognise it. For apart from designs and qualities, it is the love invested in a carpet or rug at every stage of the design and production process that counts. The emotions that are woven and the conditions in which the rug makers live and work. For Geba, fair trade is responsibility put into practice. Geba rugs have a pure soul, because from the sheep farmer to the weaver to the designer, only people who hold the key to happiness and satisfaction in their own hands are involved in creating them.

How to Contact us

Geba Rugs

Hans-Sachs-Gasse 3

8010 Graz, Austria

+43 316/83 63 83

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